Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cache Types, Sizes, Trade Suggestions

Caches come in all kinds of containers ranging from nano-caches to ammo boxes. You will be amazed at the creativity people have put into their caches!

Some caches, such as the nano size, don't have room for anything but a tiny log that you sign.

A nano is a tiny, magnetic button with a rolled up scroll to sign. You need your own pen for these.

You can learn about the different types of caches here.


The general rule is to leave something of equal or greater value when trading an item in the cache. Here are some items in our trade bag right now:

sticker sheets
Happy Meal toys
mini play-doh
rubber squeaky frogs and ducks
Silly Putty
mini slinky

The Dollar Store is a good place to find things, but I am more careful now with all the lead being found in those types of toys. Walmart always has good prices for fun stuff.

Some of the neatest things we have gotten were -

foreign coins
dollar bills
a very cool medal from Germany
Geocoins and Travel Bugs from all over the world!