Thursday, August 18, 2016

This past week we have been spending some time scoping caches in the area that are new since we took a break from being cache-a-holics, and also plotting out a mystery cache, or two.

Turns out there's a decent handful of new ones, and there's a mystery cache RIGHT BY US IN THE MIDDLE OF MARTHA LAKE!
Considering our upcoming streak of hot weather, we might have to get the boat out there.

Sidenote, there was a 5 lb. Steelhead caught in Martha Lake a couple weeks ago!
 HUGE Steelhead!

Okay, so in addition to the mystery cache, there are three that look like quick grabs that we might just get tonight:

Our next outing will be down to the Mill Creek Town Center where there are two caches:

Conveniently, there are Pokestops on the same trail!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Geocaching and Pokemon Go!

So the new craze has hit and now that we're a few weeks into Pokemon Go, I find that I'm opening my geocaching apps while "Go-ing"!  It's fun to be killing two birds with one stone!  While Go-ing in a local park about a week ago, we found that an old cache we had previously gotten was archived and another that we had tried to find years ago was now in an accessible location since the entire park was redone.  Looking shady, as we geocachers sometimes do, I was behind a log fence poking around among blackberry bushes, (yes, blood was drawn,) and a man walking his dog walked past and asked if we were playing Pokemon.  I said no, we're geocaching.  I don't think he had a clue what I was talking about!  The park was swarming with Go-ers, as are so many parks and Pokemon rich areas.  My thought is that it will become easier to find a cache at a muggle infested coordinate.  What do you think?

Success on our last cache hunt,
logged our 191st find!

On another note...

The next previous generation playing Pokemon Go!
This was in a church parking lot where there is a Pokemon Gym!
Dad playing with his kids at the playground
Pokemon Go on TOP of the playground!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Back in the saddle!

September 2010?  How did that happen?!

It's been that long since I posted anything here.  Our caching slowed over the years, though we would stop here and there when our spidey-senses kicked in, and I had to look to see if there was indeed a cache nearby.

How times have changed!  No longer do we have to print out cache sheets, or usb coordinates (or worse, manually enter them!) into our gps, or even use a gps at all.  Now, anyone with a smartphone has everything at his or her fingertips.

Although we've used c:geo since the transition to phone-caching began, I see that the Groundspeak folks have made their app free!  If I recall correctly, it used to be $9.99.  Maybe I'm delusional, but that was the reason we originally went with c:geo.  It has served its purpose, but now that I have the Groundspeak app installed, we'll just have to play with it to see which one we prefer.

 Download me! (Groundspeak)     Cover art  

By looking at it for just a couple minutes, the Groundspeak app is much easier on the eyes, whereas c:geo has a black background.  Hmm...looks like you have to upgrade to Premium in order to access some of the caches.  Anything above a 1.5 difficulty or terrain requires Premium.  Still worth using since the format seems a lot better than c:geo.  I'll keep both installed until I get to the point of coughing up the cash to buy it.  (I'm so frugal cheap.)  Oh, well wouldya look at that.  It's not a flat purchase anymore, it's a subscription.  (And it's an auto-renewal which is kind of a pain if you forget to turn it off.)

Yes, I am too cheap to pay for a subscription when I can use c:geo for nada.  I will absolutely use it as my primary app, and if there's a cache that's grayed out because I don't have Premium, I'll switch over to c:geo and get what I need there.  (Because why?  Oh yeah, I'm CHEAP.)

Time to go play!