Sunday, August 7, 2016

Geocaching and Pokemon Go!

So the new craze has hit and now that we're a few weeks into Pokemon Go, I find that I'm opening my geocaching apps while "Go-ing"!  It's fun to be killing two birds with one stone!  While Go-ing in a local park about a week ago, we found that an old cache we had previously gotten was archived and another that we had tried to find years ago was now in an accessible location since the entire park was redone.  Looking shady, as we geocachers sometimes do, I was behind a log fence poking around among blackberry bushes, (yes, blood was drawn,) and a man walking his dog walked past and asked if we were playing Pokemon.  I said no, we're geocaching.  I don't think he had a clue what I was talking about!  The park was swarming with Go-ers, as are so many parks and Pokemon rich areas.  My thought is that it will become easier to find a cache at a muggle infested coordinate.  What do you think?

Success on our last cache hunt,
logged our 191st find!

On another note...

The next previous generation playing Pokemon Go!
This was in a church parking lot where there is a Pokemon Gym!
Dad playing with his kids at the playground
Pokemon Go on TOP of the playground!

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