Monday, August 1, 2016

Back in the saddle!

September 2010?  How did that happen?!

It's been that long since I posted anything here.  Our caching slowed over the years, though we would stop here and there when our spidey-senses kicked in, and I had to look to see if there was indeed a cache nearby.

How times have changed!  No longer do we have to print out cache sheets, or usb coordinates (or worse, manually enter them!) into our gps, or even use a gps at all.  Now, anyone with a smartphone has everything at his or her fingertips.

Although we've used c:geo since the transition to phone-caching began, I see that the Groundspeak folks have made their app free!  If I recall correctly, it used to be $9.99.  Maybe I'm delusional, but that was the reason we originally went with c:geo.  It has served its purpose, but now that I have the Groundspeak app installed, we'll just have to play with it to see which one we prefer.

 Download me! (Groundspeak)     Cover art  

By looking at it for just a couple minutes, the Groundspeak app is much easier on the eyes, whereas c:geo has a black background.  Hmm...looks like you have to upgrade to Premium in order to access some of the caches.  Anything above a 1.5 difficulty or terrain requires Premium.  Still worth using since the format seems a lot better than c:geo.  I'll keep both installed until I get to the point of coughing up the cash to buy it.  (I'm so frugal cheap.)  Oh, well wouldya look at that.  It's not a flat purchase anymore, it's a subscription.  (And it's an auto-renewal which is kind of a pain if you forget to turn it off.)

Yes, I am too cheap to pay for a subscription when I can use c:geo for nada.  I will absolutely use it as my primary app, and if there's a cache that's grayed out because I don't have Premium, I'll switch over to c:geo and get what I need there.  (Because why?  Oh yeah, I'm CHEAP.)

Time to go play!

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